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The purpose of the Sampler Guild of the Rockies is to gather needleworkers who have a special interest in samplers. The Guild will study the history of samplers from both the United States and around the world, as well as the stitches and materials used. The Guild will also donate money to assist in the preservation of historic samplers. Classes will be offered by local and national teachers in order to recreate historic samplers or create contemporary pieces.


We are delighted you have visited our website and would love to have you join our group.  We currently have over 167 members.  Many of our members live in the metro Denver area and surrounding communities.  We also have many out of state members. A Membership Form can be emailed if you are interested in joining!  Please email if you have any questions.

Sampler Guild of the Rockies Board Members


President: Danielle Gavito                                                                            First Vice President Programs: Doris Brown           
Assistant to Vice President Programs: Billie Barbee                                   Second Vice President/Membership: Ruth Depue

Secretary: Judy Yunt                                                                                      Treasurer: Amy Ikerd 

Seminar Coordinator: Jennifer Colmenero                                                   Nominating Cmte Chairperson: Linda Grisham   

Show & Share: Laura Maes                                                                           Hospitality: Charli Pearson
Member Care: Kathy Gaines                                                                         Newsletter Editor: Linda Martin

Website Coordinator: Danielle Gavito                                                          Past President: Sherry Mamasian

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