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A December to Remember

I’m not sure where November went but December has arrived! My how this year has flown by! For many of us, December means Christmastime and lots of shopping with hordes of people. And while reminders of the holiday will be everywhere, TV, commercials, stores, and even the grocery store, December can be much more than the typical hustle and bustle that retailers like. As the final month in the calendar year, December gives us one last opportunity to do things that we have put off or even add in a new fun activity. If you are a fan of Pinterest, and I am, there are some really neat ideas for invigorating this month. How about sitting by the fire with a cup of tea and some favorite music playing! Or perhaps preparing dinner for a group of friends! Maybe something out doors is more your style. Taking your dog to the dog park for a fun day of play! Or volunteering for a local charity! Whatever you decide, I encourage you to make this a December to Remember!

And thinking about the importance of making each day count, several new designs have been released that are truly inspired! I know many of you love the classic movie “My Fair Lady”. Well Gigi R Designs has released a wonderful sampler without an alphabet called “A Fair Lady Sampler”. It is a reproduction of an antique European sampler from 1790. It is just wonderfully whimsical! Two fancy dressed ladies surrounded by lovely motifs and all stitched in a warm gorgeous silken palette. Perhaps something more contemporary and seasonal is your style. I encourage you to take a look at Brenda Gervais’ With Thy Needle and Thread’s newest release called “Jingle All the Way”. A sweet little Santa set into an oval surrounded with swirls of holly and pine! Oh, so cute!

Whatever December means for you, I hope you embrace what matters to you most. Prioritize and embark on ending this year in a most positive way. Hug the ones you love tightly. Laugh until you can’t breathe and spend time enjoying December. I wish you all love, light, and friendship!

Happy stitching and Merry Christmas!

Danielle Gavito, President

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