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Glad Tidings

No matter if this is your 1st SGR Christmas Tea or your 29th; our December meeting is not one to miss! Our meeting will focus on the Christmas Tea and our always special ornament exchange and Toys for Tots community service project. We will start our afternoon with a few SGR business items and once the tea is hot and ready, we will begin to enjoy our refreshments. Members will please bring their own teacup and saucer for the Tea.

After we finish enjoying our tea, we will begin the ornament exchange. For those of you who are new to our Guild, we will form a large oval in the middle of the room, making sure everyone has a place in the oval. One of our members will read a story to us about “Gifts.” Each time you hear the word gift, you will be expected to pass your ornament to the right and receive a new ornament from the left. Our reader will read fast and slow just to heighten the excitement so make sure you listen carefully and quickly pass and receive the next ornament. Once the story ends, you will have your new ornament and are welcome to open your bag, box, or tin to see exactly what your new ornament looks like. Several members who are unable to attend in person also signed up for the exchange! We will make certain to have them share their ornaments via Zoom as well.

January’s meeting will mark the halfway point for the SGR year. It’s hard to believe how quickly our meeting year passes. I encourage each of you to watch the newsletter for details regarding our upcoming programs, Seminar, and Retreat and Stitching Day.

As a reminder, the church doors will open at 2 PM for members with the meeting called to order promptly at 2:30.

Until next time, the happiest of holidays to you and those you love!

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