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New Year — Samplers and Support

Happy New Year everyone!

Each year at this time, I find myself looking through my stitching projects and comparing my completions to my January “To-Do” list. While I did not make a dent in many of my projects this year, I did manage to complete a few of my smaller ones and finish a Christmas stocking for my newest grandson before Christmas! That was an accomplishment for me! With that being said, many cross-stitch designers released incredible new designs, so my stash has not been reduced in size. Alas, that’s the conundrum of this hobby we all love! So many delightful and inspiring designs and just not enough time to stitch.

January’s meeting will mark the halfway point for the SGR year. It’s hard to believe how quickly our meeting year passes. I am so grateful that we have been able to continue to meet in person in spite of the ongoing pandemic. I am also grateful for the technology that affords everyone the option of joining our monthly meetings via Zoom. Our members are just the BEST! Sampler Guild will celebrate a 29th anniversary in May. Our membership continues to grow and spread out across the USA. What a wonderful thought to focus on for the New Year! Please continue to spread the word about SGR! Our Guild really does offer something for everyone! From the traditionalist to the modernist! The more the merrier!

I encourage each of you to watch the newsletter for details regarding our upcoming programs, Seminar, and Retreat and Stitching Day.

As a reminder, the church doors will open at 2 PM for members with the meeting called to order promptly at 2:30. Our Zoom link waiting room opens at 2:15 to allow those members who are Zooming in, time to connect and identify any technology issues before the meeting is called to order. Thank you all again for your support for SGR!

Until next time, TTFN

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