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Waiting on Spring

Now that the holidays are over and presumably the decorations are taken down and packed away until next year, what to do while we wait for spring? The past two weeks have provided much needed snow but also a complete lack of color. White snow as far as the eye can see! Throw in freezing temperatures and we are reminded that winter is currently the season!

This is the time of year where I get a bit antsy. I am ready to see the early flowers and bits of greenery poke through the soil and confirm that spring is just around the corner. I think perhaps this year I may be waiting a bit longer than I’d prefer. Thank goodness for some lovely stitching projects that are full of beautiful colors! Just what I need to tide me over until winter finally gives way to the next season. Several designers have released fun, new and colorful designs that might help bridge the span between wintery snowy white and vibrant spring! “Love Sweet Love” by Waxing Moon is just too cute. While the design is stitched in white, the cheerful red fabric provides the color. Little House Needleworks released ‘Four Seasons’, which is not only colorful, but reminds us that there are other seasons besides winter. Finally, from Tralala, “Vive L’Ete” (translation: Long Live the Summer) might just do the trick! This adorable sampler is just loaded with color and charm.

However you decide to wait out winter, may you stay warm and in the pink!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Danielle Gavito, President

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